Spring Art Show: The Art of Recovery

March 12th, 2022

2700 Booksin Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
Free Admission • All are Welcome

ART As A Path to Recovery

Art as a path to recovery flows from the overall mission of Many Paths One Destination…
To bring together people from the many paths of recovery to foster and celebrate our common goal of freedom from addiction.

Echo Recovery in Maryland makes this following observation:

Artists represent a diverse and unique population. Many artists struggle with drugs, alcohol and mental health issues. Some factors that make it especially challenging for this population to recovery include:
  • Artists’ lifestyle: schedule, environment and sporadic work Chemical use can create a sense of heightened creativity but actually results in impaired functioning.
  • Travel and work schedule can hinder meaningful relationships
  • Financial concerns
  • Public image: pressure of appearance, praise and criticism, etc. and more.

This Year’s Artists

A Unique Art Show Experience

We’ll be showcasing close to 2 dozen artists from various mediums and styles, who will be displaying and selling their work at the event. All of out artists have used their art in their path to recovery. All will be on hand representing their work.

We’ll have a snack bar and live DJ’s providing a background soundtrack for the event.


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