Celebrating the many paths to freedom from addiction

Outreach. Stewardship. Connection. Advocacy.

Our Mission

To bring together people from the many paths of recovery to foster and celebrate our common goal of freedom from addiction

Our Vision

We strive to increase awareness and understanding of addiction and recovery, and inspire collaboration and community through events, service and outreach.

Who We Are

Events and Happenings

2024 Spring Art Show

Celebrating people who use Art as a path in their recovery

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2023 Christmas Food and Gift Distribution

Teaming up to spread extra Christmas cheer in our local community

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2023 Annual Conference: Celebrating Recovery

We spotlight thought leaders in recovery with ideas worth sharing

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Featured Talks

Salvador Gaeta

Artist, musician, high school teacher.

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Thomas Tran

Representing Recovery Dharma in the Bay Area, CA

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Danny Trejo

Actor, father, intervention counselor

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